Toronto Festivals 2019

Welcome to the Toronto Festival Guide

Welcome to the clubZone Toronto festival homepage. Toronto's nightlife and festival scene can be best summed up in one word: Diversity. Just as the city itself maintains a culturally and ethnically diverse population, with significant communities hailing from all corners of the globe, so too does Toronto's nightlife play out as a vibrant, eclectic smorgasbord of the musical, cultural and ethnically rich tapestry that permeates all aspects of day-to-day living in the Dot.

In the mood for EDM? This year's Veld festival will be hosting some of the biggest names in the genre. Is Soca your thing? Carnival Kingdom will be a one night festival extravaganza devoted to the style. What about Rock and Hip Hop? Riot Fest's line-up is jam packed with some of the genres' most highly regarded legends.

If none of those options appeal to you, just scroll through the list of upcoming gatherings below and you'll be sure to find something amongst the vast breadth of festival options that fits your own personal temperament. The calendar on the left-hand side will help you navigate the list chronologically and figure out which festivals fall on the most convenient dates for you. You can also customize the listing settings to sort through the options below by popularity (default), by date, or alphabetically.

For a more complete description of each festival just click on the name to see a more comprehensive list of details. If you should decide to attend one of the listed events, each of the descriptions is complete with a link for purchasing tickets (if applicable). Make sure to review all of the ticketing options available, as many events have a variety of VIP, all-inclusive, group, single or multi-day packages for you to choose from.

Make sure you return to the page often, as we are constantly adding new festivals to the list and you don't wanna miss out on any of the incredible gatherings coming to Toronto. So go ahead, get browsing, and find the perfect festival experience for you.