MIA Nightclub Vancouver (Gastown)

M.I.A. brings Vancouver a delightful blend of the best of both worlds: tunnel into the incredible venue from 350 Water Street and enter a beautiful lush room that features a mix of futuristic yet timeworn details. With notes of dark, burnt wood, and rich purple and red tones, the space is warm and inviting you to get down and celebrate. Abstract L.ED. installations across the ceiling make pulse-like patterns that dance to connect all corners of the room.

Besides a wonderful dance floor with its own compact DJ booth, the venue also counts with awesome plush communal seating, as well as a main bar and a separate sake bar for those guests who want to enjoy a different experience.

The inclusive venue looks to connect people as well as music to celebrate togetherness in an era that is separated by even the smallest differences. To help celebrate our idea, we politely encourage guests to keep the use of mobile phones, social media, and other technology outside the venue: there’s plenty of that outside, so why not log off from everything for one night and enjoy a different experience, completely signed off from whatever isn’t in front of you right now?

The variety of music features alternative and avant strains of electronic dance music that may be rooted in R&B, Hip-Hop, House or Techno, with an amazing mix of styles that will keep you on your feet dancing all night long, or chilling with your favorite people in the world.

Open every day of the week from 10pm to 2am, M.I.A. will give you a party experience like no other in Vancouver, and an amazing place to mingle with your regular crew or new friends. Be completely in the moment and celebrate the night away at M.I.A.

Come join us and be part of a club like no other!

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