FIVESIXTY Nightclub (560) Vancouver

Every so often, a nightclub like FIVESIXTY comes around and reminds us why it is that we even like to go out. This spot offers much more that drinks, food, music, VIP treatment and lots of space to dance and mix and mingle with attractive people: FIVESIXTY manages to feel like a new club experience every time! How, you ask? FIVESIXTY Nightclub offers 5 distinctive and sleek party rooms: LIVE, PLAY, MISBEHAVE, TASTE and GALLERY, as well as nightly events to keep even the most accomplished club connoisseurs feeling like there is always more to experience.

FIVESIXTY also regularly features some of the most in-demand DJs and entertainers from all over the world. Past performers have included the Black Eyed Peas, Cut Chemist, Mumford & Sons and Waka Flocka Flame. Combine this eye for talent with a state-of-the-art sound system and tons of space to dance, and you have Vancouver’s hottest live event venue and dance party scene.

Enter FIVESIXTY and understand what nightlife is meant to be about. Since transforming the iconic A&B Sound building into a 28,000 square foot adult playground tour de force, FIVESIXTY has been providing Vancouver with the best nightlife and entertainment in the entire city. Just steps away from the Vancouver International Trade and Convention Centre, major hotels, the business district and skytrain and ferry terminals, FIVESIXTY’s central location means easy access for you and your crew. With an experienced in-house event planning, management and hosting staff, FIVESIXTY can manage any event request no matter how large or small. Whether it’s a small cocktail gathering to celebrate a team win or hundreds of people immersed in a uniquely-branded experience, FIVESIXTY specializes in making events and fun times unforgettable.

Featuring the very best in live entertainment, unique nightlife experiences, and the world’s most sought-after international DJs, FIVESIXTY is where you and your entourage should come out to play. Step into each of the venue’s unique spaces and experience why LIVE, PLAY, MISBEHAVE, TASTE and GALLERY are redefining music, art, food and culture in Vancouver.

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FIVESIXTY Nightclub (560), Downtown
FIVESIXTY Nightclub (560), Downtown