Cabana Lounge Granville Street Vancouver

Styled after South Beach, Cabana Lounge combines a Miami-chic feel with an intimacy that you can only experience at one of the finest bars in Vancouver. Come sip on signature cocktails and marvel at the Acacia tree growing throughout the venue, truly a taste of South Beach.

Cabana Lounge brings the best of South Beach-inspired features, including cabana-draped booths and vibrant colors, together with modern technology to create an intimate and unique upscale party atmosphere. This venue offers full table service as well as an ample layout, giving partygoers plenty of room to show off their moves, chat with friends, or sip on a premium cocktail or two. Those seeking white-glove attention or in need of privileged views will feel more than comfortable at Cabana Lounge.

Enjoy a break from the Vancouver chilly night in this hot lounge filled with tropical vibes, a lot of great energy and, of course, some of the sexiest partygoers from all over the city as well as tourists. Right in the center of the venue, you can find the lounge’s iconic Acacia tree, and all the nightlife inside revolves around it. As you walk to the outer part of the lounge, you’ll see fantastic VIP booths where you can enjoy the music while you’re chilling with your crew. Or you can choose to enjoy the most amazing cocktails, both classic and auteur, to top off your Miami-based experience in VanCity!

Sit and relax in one of the draped, cabana-style VIP booths, or hollow out a space on the dance floor, where some of the best local and international DJs can be found. This is a place for those who know how to party, and we pride ourselves in our +25 crowd. Cabana Lounge enforces a strict dress code, so come dressed to impress; that means no gym shoes, gym wear, baseball hats or hoodies.

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Saturday September 1st: Eau So FreshSaturdays
Cabana Lounge Granville Street, Downtown
Thursday August 30th: Wanderlust Thursdays
Cabana Lounge Granville Street, Downtown